Decentralization of the Sovereigns & the Establishment of a European Sovereign Fiscal & Banking Union The difference between federation & confederation needs to be addressed.  The federation is mandatory membership whereas the confederation is voluntary. No particular member state has expressed intention on leaving the EU therefore, by default, the 27-member nation of the European… Read More NB: EU

Global Macro Report: 06/25/2012 – 06/29/2012

Dear Reader(s) About QE: Adding liquidity causes underlying asset inflation meaning additional QE’s subsequently require more $, €, ¥, 元, respectively, to create equivalent % increases (relative to the float) from previous easing events. United States The Dow (DJI) fell -0.99% for the week after minor selling (perceived short selling) & capitulation on Monday followed… Read More Global Macro Report: 06/25/2012 – 06/29/2012

European Banks & the Sovereign Debt Crisis

The peripheral European banking system should be solvent & a plan for fiscal growth should be in place before initiating policy to facilitate the EMU – Unified Banking System By: Vidia Ramdeen, MPA vramdeen@gmail.com The looming peripheral European banking and debt crisis requires two separate solutions. The national banks within the largest EMU GDP contributors, such… Read More European Banks & the Sovereign Debt Crisis

Global Macro Markets Report (June 4, 2012 – June 8, 2012)

(C) 2012 – Ricochet Alternative Asset Management Dear Reader, Market activity over the recent weeks focused on whether the Fed will pump more liquidity into the market via quantitative easing (QE3).  The expectation of growth as reflected in macroeconomic indicators have been mediocre to poor.  Manufacturing in the U.S. as measured by the Chicago PMI… Read More Global Macro Markets Report (June 4, 2012 – June 8, 2012)